Umpire Information

Important Information About Umpiring


Before Saturday each week:

  • If you are unable to umpire/Standby as per the roster you need to organise your own substitute.
  • If there are any changes to the roster, please notify your coach/manager and Michelle at by the Wednesday before the game, so that Michelle can pass this information to MWNA.

On Saturday — before the game:

  • Checkin at Umpires’ Control (inside, upstairs at Curl Curl) at least 20 minutes before the game is due to commence. Make sure you allow plenty of time for parking. Not being able to find a parking spot will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to check in on time.
  • Know the court and the grade of the game you have been rostered to umpire when you check in.
  • If you are rostered on Standby, you still need to check in at Umpires’ Control. You will need to stay upstairs for almost the whole game, just in case you are needed.
  • When you check in at Umpires’ Control (whether for a game or for Standby), you need to be appropriately dressed and ready to umpire. Appropriately dressed means in you are in your Club uniform or dressed in white, with suitable netball footwear and you have your whistle.

What if I don’t check in, or I am late to check in?

  • If you do not check in or you are late to check in to umpire or for Standby, you will be issued two ‘Penalty Umpirings’. Both of these ‘Penalty Umpirings’ must be completed within 3 playing days. For example, if you receive two ‘Penalty Umpirings’ on Game 2, you have until Game 5 to complete them both. If both ‘Penalty Umpirings’ are not completed within the 3 playing days, a fine and loss of competition points will apply.

Umpiring arrangements at MWNA

For each Saturday game during the normal netball season, MWNA (Manly Warringah Netball Association) allocates a neutral team to umpire each game of 10 year olds and over. MWNA also allocates are number of ‘Standby’ umpires at each time slot. Standby umpires are ready to umpire at Curl Curl, just in case an umpire does not check in on time or is injured during the game.

Peninsula Netball then allocates two umpires (by name) from the team allocated by MWNA to cover that game or be on Standby duty. Some weeks, Peninsula is allocated more than 15 games and Standbys to cover for umpiring — that’s more than 30 umpires in a week!

Generally 12 year olds are allocated to umpire 10 year olds, 13 year olds are allocated to umpire 11 year olds, 14 year olds are allocated to umpire 12 year olds, etc. Junior umpires are generally at least two years older than the teams they are umpiring.


For more information, please contact Michelle Marks at