Spring Comp Registration NOW OPEN   Please go to registration link or click here
Rego must close on Monday 9 September.

It’s a great opportunity to play with friends, or people from other teams/grades/school that you’ve never played with before. Spring Comp is super relaxed a great chance to play with who you would like to. Make sure you get a full team together before you register. You must register individually via MyNetball however you must send your complete team list to secretary@peninsula.org.au

“Umpire your own” applies to all games and its worth organising someone earlier not later as good umpires end up v v popular and well paid !

Competition Starts Tuesday 15 October and runs for 6 weeks plus finals finishing Tuesday 26 November.

$60 Per player – MWNA Winter 2019 Registered Players with QNC or any other Club.
$70 Per player – “Other Association” Winter 2019 Registered Players eg Norths
$80 – Players who are not registered in 2019 as yet with any Assoc or Club

Late Registrations for Teams are ok  – but an additional $10 will be added to these Registrations.

Casual players are ok @ $10 per game. Applies to MWNA Winter 2019 Players only. Must play min 5 games to qualify for finals.

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