Peninsula Annual Gala Day for 9yr, 10yr and 11yr teams

Every year Peninsula Netball Club hosts a Gala Day inviting  all clubs within MWNA. Traditionally this has been for 10yr and 11yr teams however we had decided to run a NSG 9yr division this year.

We are super excited about this years event on Sat 23rd March, 2019 at John Fisher Park from 9am-1pm. 

Our 9yrs, 10yr & 11yr Gala Day is organised to provide teams and their coaches with an day to participate in friendly pre-season games, whilst also an invaluable opportunity for Club Umpire Mentors to coach their Junior Umpires in preparation for the season ahead. Please note: these junior umpires in development are to umpire 10yr and 11yr games only. All NSG 9yr teams have to supply their own umpire.

  • Only 9yr, 10yr & 11yr teams may participate
  • Club Umpire Convenors to arrange their own junior umpires for each team
  • 12yr players will be coached in Umpiring as part of their “Intro to Umpiring” by their own Club Mentors
  • Games will be 20 minute duration with a 2 minute break at half time
  • Each team will play approx. 4 games
  • Draws may be collected from control room at 8.30am
  • First Game at 9.00am
  • No Physio in attendance
  • BBQ will be running from 8.30am
  • Coffee Vans will be in attendance

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