Changes to MWNA 2020 Games Times

2020 Winter Competition Start Date has been revise do to a later date

Game 1: 2nd May 2020
Grand finals: 12th September

NSG 8 & 9yrs: 7.45am & 8.45am
10yrs: 9.00am
11yrs: 10.20am or 11.40am
12yrs: 10.20am or 11.40am
13yrs: 9.00am or 10.20am
14yrs: 1.00pm
15yrs: 10.20am or 11.40am
Cadets: (16yrs – 18yrs): 1.00pm, 2.20pm or 3.40pm
Seniors: 2.20pm and 3.40pm rotating each week

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